Saturday, December 19, 2009

What effect would horse shampoo have on my hair?

ive done a whole shltload of research on horse shampoo and this is all based on reviews and what people have said.

by the way this is all about Mane'N Tail.

the majority of people have said that their hair grew very fast, and that's because horse shampoo helps seal the tips so that they don't break, meaning your hair will look longer. so whether your hair will grow faster or not with horse shampoo depends on the health of your hair right now and whether you get lots of split ends.

and a lot lot lot of people say that Mane'N Tail made their hair shinier, softer, and thicker and ive read many fans of the shampoo who are totally crazy over it.

anyways with all this information i was SOLD! so i went out yesterday and bought some. i hope my hair grows faster.What effect would horse shampoo have on my hair?
I've been using Los Caballos horse shampoo for 2 days now and so far its working for me. It has really made a difference in my hair, such as how clean and soft it is. I love that it smells good too. Maybe you should try it and see what it does for you. I bought it for 2 dollars at Wal-Mart.What effect would horse shampoo have on my hair?
It would probably depend on the person who is using it. I used mane and tail years ago and it broke my hair off. My friend used the same product on her daughters hair and it worked wonders growing her hair out.
People say that it help your hair grow faster and makes it shiny, I'm not sure if its true. I do know however that it wont damadge or harm your hair.
The same effect as on a horse.... Mane and Tail is supposedly a horse shampoo marketed for people as it works well
People use Mane and Tail all the time and rave about it....I don't know, but I think you'd still need a good conditioner afterwords.
It will make it greasy and unmanageable.

That was such a bizarre question.

Why would you even think about trying it?
it would probably grease it out and burn the heck outa ya!!!

thats just a guesss though....!:)
it will prolly smell really bad!

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